Monday, March 04, 2013

'Gay legislator getting hate mail because of Bill O'Reilly's lies' and other Monday midday news briefs

O’Reilly Targets Colorado’s Gay House Speaker, Suggests He’s Protecting Child Molesters - This is vile. It is what happens when irresponsible journalists get caught up in their own "power."  Thanks to O'Reilly's lies, the legislator has been getting ugly messages, including one hoping that his 14-month-old foster daughter gets raped.

On NOM's reliable erasure of Coretta Scott King - Dear NOM, your dastardly plan to play African-Americans and gays against one another will not work if folks know about it. No style at all.  

Perkins: LGBT-Inclusive Schools Will Have 'Teenage Boys Invading Girls' Locker Rooms' - Apparently Perkins has been watching the movie Porky's. Isn't that a sin to watch an R-rated movie?
United Nations Report Considers The Possibility That Practicing Reparative Therapy On Minors Is Torture - This would be VERY interesting.

 Rep. Carole Murray Votes 'Yes' On Colorado Civil Unions Bill, Explains Why In Emotional Speech (VIDEO) - Sweet!


Gregory Peterson said...

Dr. Bernice King said that in 2004, but apparently she was publicly Gay inclusive in a Jan. 2012 speech.

She was once an elder in Bishop Long's New Birth Missionary Church. Perhaps the scandal lead her to think again about sexual minorities?

Tor said...

re: Perkins

I doubt there will be enough transgender students to cause an "invasion," and secondly, the only boys who would invade a girls' locker room are the heterosexual ones looking for a thrill.