Tuesday, March 12, 2013

'MN marriage equality hearing witness talks anal sex' and other Tuesday midday news briefs

Courtesy of Joe.My.God., a "concerned citizen" speaking against marriage equality during a hearing this morning in Minnesota. Lord hammercy! 

In other news:

 Minnesota Legislator Interrupts Proceedings To Introduce Ex-Gay Friend - Speaking of those hearings - yesterday, legislator tried to pull a fast one.  

NARTH Loses Tax Exempt Status - NARTH is an anti-gay junk science group. I say a lot more of them need to lose their tax-exempt status.

 Video: FRC hopes SCOTUS confuses us for a theocracy, society of junk science - Another junk science-ridden anti-gay video, Family Research Council? Really? Y'all know what to do.

One last thing:

I got this interesting message from someone who wished to be anonymous:

Please do not assume that the faculty and students at UT support Regnerus's false work. Many have avidly spoke out against him, written about his article, and signed petitions against him. While the institution has been remiss to do anything against him, that is not the same thing as the faculty and students who have opposed his craptacular explosion of feculence. Many have apologized in public to their LGBT alum for what he has done to the name of Sociology at UT. Go after the institution but not the faculty and students who have dedicated themselves to undoing the damage Regnerus has caused to the department and school. 

It's nice to know that folks at Regnerus' university are as disgusted with his "study" as we are. Remember to tweet the National Organization for Marriage, the Family Research Council, Peter Sprigg of the Family Research Council, the University of Texas (Austin) and House Speaker John Boehner. Demand that they comment on the new allegations regarding the Regnerus study.  No rude comments and no threats.


And speaking of how to contact Mark Regnerus, I have been told that the following is his religious blog with an open comment section. Or you can reach him from his webpage by emailing him at  regnerus@prc.utexas.edu. (I am unsure whether or not you should include that last period). The same applies for him as the others.  Demand that he comment on new allegations regarding his study. But no rude comments or threats. Always respond to injustice with dignity.

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