Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Scenes from the DOMA trial: It was a GOOD day

Just as I did yesterday with the Prop 8 trial, this post will look at different aspect of today's DOMA trial:

 Supreme Court DOMA Case: Justices Sounded Skeptical Of Law's Constitutionality, Purpose - Keep your fingers crossed.

  Brian Brown: Anti-Gay March Was What the Civil Rights Movement 'Must Have Felt Like' - Poor Brian Brown. He's faked persecution so long he thinks he can compare himself to those who had to overcome genuine persecution. When I'm less drained and more fired up, I intend to revisit this item and give Mr. Brown a piece of my mind. 

 14 Most Telling DOMA Moments at the Supreme Court - I love this piece.

 NOM: Here's A Great Anti-Gay Preacher - NOM makes a HUGE error here. Someone isn't earning their ill-gotten salary. 

 MSNBC’s Luke Russert Grills Evangelical Leader Tony Perkins Over His Defense Of DOMA - This was GOOOOOOOD! Russert even challenged Perkins' ridiculous notion about "children do best with a mom and a dad." Then Perkins pulled the discredited Regnerus study out of his bag. And Russert shot that down, too! Perkins looked like he stuck his hand in a hot oven and was trying to act cool about it. I love it when a journalist does his/her homework!! 

 Four Examples Of The Junk Science That’s Been Used To Defend DOMA In Court - I am CITED in this post!!! When Paul Clement, the lawyer defending DOMA, submitted his brief a while back, I broke the story that he was using junk science. 

 Barber: Children of Same-Sex Couples Live In 'Disordered and Dysfunctional Households' - Apparently when Barber read the verse in which Jesus said "suffer the little children," he misunderstood.  

NOM hopes to co-opt HRC's 'change your profile pic' success by denigrating single parents - NOM's trying to piggyback on HRC's campaign. Tacky, tacky, tacky.

Marriage Equality Is Good For Many Reasons - Well heck, I could have told you that!

 The Moment When Justice Ginsburg Took Aim To Kill DOMA - Yeah, I know. Everyone is going to remember Justice Ginsberg's skim milk comparison.

 More Great Signs From The Supreme Court Marriage Equality Rallies - Because you liked the pro-marriage equality signs yesterday, here are more from today.


Matthew Martin said...

If you want an economist's perspective on the Regnerus study, read my post here:

There are serious problems with his analysis of the data. But the biggest problems aren't with Regnerus so much as the fact that Tony Perkins and others are being completely dishonest about what the study found. The Regnerus study makes no attempt to assess the impact of GLB parenting on child outcomes, and Regnerus says so right in the paper.

BlackTsunami said...

And THEN he allows folks like Perkins to distort his work. He should make a statement about how they are using his study wrong. Instead he is teaming up with NOM's Ruth Institute.

Anonymous said...

I like that Bam Bam called gay couples, "homosexual duo's only because it reminded me of "the ambiguiously gay duo" who remind me of Bam Bam and Porno Pete."

Anonymous said...

When I'm less drained and more fired up, I intend to revisit this item and give Mr. Brown a piece of my mind.

*Prepares popcorn, and seeks 3D movie glasses*