Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Stunning video from yesterday and a reminder of NOM's lies

Well day one is over. Now day two will feature how the Supreme Court handles DOMA. But let's take a video look back at day one. The following video from blogger Mark S. King on youtube is reminds us about the sights and scenes from yesterday's competing rallies:

One more thing. If you haven't already shared the following video pulled from twitter, please feel free. It's a reminder of how the National Organization for Marriage plays loose with the facts:


Mykelb said...

Their lies are in inverse proportion to their integrity.

John B. said...

Another lie from NOM (as posted at Joe My God) and it's a whopper:

Even if they're unaware of the truth, their ignorance and their assumption is breathtaking. So who's going to call them on it?