Wednesday, April 17, 2013

'Agema's homophobia causing vicious infighting amongst Michigan Republicans' and other Wednesday midday news briefs

Leon Drolet: Dave Agema, a loose cannon for the GOP - How much of a homophobe do you have to be for a fellow Republican to call you:

 " . . . a loose cannon whose judgment is proven unstable in a leadership position spouting off Klan propaganda and conspiracy theories."  

New Zealand Passes Marriage Equality, Bringing Country Count To 14 - Go New Zealand!!

Activist Files Public Records Lawsuit Against UCF Trustees, Hitt - A good friend of mine and fellow lgbt blogger, John Becker, is has filed a public records lawsuit seeking more information on that fraudulent anti-gay parenting study by Mark Regnerus. I will definitely keep you posted on this situation. 

 Another Anti-Equality Horror Story Falls Apart: Damian Goddard Edition - Looks like ANOTHER NOM "those evil homosexuals discriminated against me" story has fallen apart. The twitter feed on this from Goddard is HILARIOUS!  

Rios: Schools No Longer Teach Reading and Writing, Now Just Promote Homosexuality - Sorry Linda Harvey. After that jackslap GLSEN gave you, Sandra Rios can't help you unless she wants some too. 

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