Monday, April 15, 2013

GLSEN turns tables on 'Day of Silence' opponent

With GLSEN's Day of Silence fast approaching, religious right spokespeople and organizations continue their unsuccessful annual ritual of discrediting the event and the good that it does to bring attention to the bullying of lgbt youth.

However, this year, GLSEN has decided strike back with the above video which compares the words of a long-time Day of Silence opponent, Linda Harvey from Mission America, to the actual mission of Day of Silence.

It re-emphasizes the notion that sometimes your opponent does themselves harm by opening their mouths.


BJ Jackson Lincoln said...

I watched this twice yesterday wondering who's side Linda was on. The visuals are great but the audio is.....wrong.
I would have to say this is all for our side because Linda's statements makes you watch and read the facts.
She says one thing then blows it out of the water with beautiful pictures and the horrible facts.

Anonymous said...

Am I missing something? You realize this that Linda is against the day of silence, and this video is meant to contrast Linda's false and misleading interpretation of the day of silence against the visuals and testimony displaying the healthy and positive nature of this day.

Linda did not create this full presentation.

Anonymous said...

^ Did either of you read the description for this video?