Friday, April 12, 2013

'New details about hospital arrest story should anger lgbt community' and other Friday midday news briefs

What Actually Happened To That Same-Sex Couple In The Missouri Hospital - Think Progress has broken down this awful story by pulling from several sources. This madness comes down to a viciously homophobic relative and a nurse who looks like she should have known better.  

Federal Officials Aim For “Speedy” Response Following Missouri Hospital Arrest - And now federal officials are investigating to see if laws were broken, and NOT on the part of the gay couple.

  Anti-gay side has no argument against nondiscrimination and will lose; here's latest example - If this is allowed, where does it stop? Today it's florists. But what if tomorrow it's renters or stores? What if it blows up to include physicians and drug stores. If you allow discrimination to exist, where does it stop? How can you make it stop?

 French Senate Passes Gay Marriage Bill - VIVA, LA FRANCE! Oh hush up! I know that I am probably saying that wrong. Seriously though, does this mean we are going to have to go through the entire "freedom fries" thing again? 

 It Is Not News That FRC is Urging a Donor Boycott of the RNC - I support this boycott. LOL!

1 comment:

Michael said...

Not just the lgbt community. That arrest story should anger any decent person regardless of orientation, denomination or affiliation.
I know it pisses me off.
Athough despair was the first emotion. Just WTF!! Is the first thought when I hear crap like that which slowly changes to anger.

Michael K