Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Sh*t Homophobic People Say

According to Know Your Meme:

Sh*t People Say is a series of parody videos exploring social and gender stereotypes using the phrasal template “ Sh*t X says.” The videos were inspired by a single topic blog and web series titled “ Sh*t Girls Say,” showcasing various cliches and verbal mannerisms that are commonly associated with teenage girls and young women . . .

With that in mind, the above video from Lambda Legal is called  'Sh*t Homophobic People Say.' And boy do I wish it were a parody.


Erica Cook said...

There is a statement in this that always makes me angry. At the end when that nincompoop says we're all angry at their fathers. There's always some intention of saying out parents weren't there for us and that made us gay.

TRUTH: Long before I came out I was diagnosed as Dyslexic with ADD tendencies. My parents couldn't have been more engaged in my life. Any success I have as a student, and as a person living on my own comes from an effort few parents are willing to put forth for their children. I'm 34 years old and when I'm done with this post I'll be going to class to take a test. I'll be using a laptop my dad bought me with reading software I was able to buy because he was willing to be claimed as as a disabled war veteran. After class my mom will meet me at the school, more than a half hour drive for her, to help me read my math homework because it isn't compatible with my reading aids. The implication that my being gay is a product of anything they did wrong is an offense I will not stand for.

Anonymous said...

I am a heterosexual women and I am married but I was angry at my father for many years because of the verbal and physical abuse that I suffered at his hand.