Monday, May 20, 2013

'Backlash against lgbt equality becoming violent' and other Monday midday news briefs

Equality's Brutal Backlash: The Murder of Mark Carson and the Rise in Violence Against Gays - I knew there would be a backlash to all of the recent lgbt success, but I always thought that it would be weariness from the American electorate. This violence is NOT cool.

 Gay Texan cut off from partner of 34 years who has Alzheimer’s after sister-in-law obtained guardianship - This awful story needs to be repeated. 

What’s Next For Kaitlyn Hunt, The Teen Charged With A Felony For Same-Sex Relationship With Classmate - THIS is a @!#% travesty! 

MassResistance: NOM a 'no-show' in Illinois - Usually when religious right groups are feuding with each other, I'm all for it. But today, it's all "meeeeh"  

'Coach' Dave Calls on Obama to 'Admit He's the First Openly Gay President' - Lawd, why! What's wrong with him (Coach Dave), Lawd!

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