Tuesday, May 07, 2013

NOM had better recognize that its supporters are going too far

The following comment was left on a recent post of the National Organization for Marriage's blog by a longtime NOM blog commentator and supporter Barb Chamberlan (comment 10):

It's always fascinating to Google the names of children in the grips of same-sex couples. You'll be surprised at how much information there is about them, despite their guardians' attempts to keep it a secret. You might even find the names of their real parents. Try it sometime. Of course, the opposition is too afraid to do so. 

I don't know what Chamberlan's reasoning for posting that mess but I would say that NOM had better get a hold of its supporters. 

Let's not even imply in the least that "seeking information" on children in same-sex households for whatever purpose is a decent or good thing. It's always fun to point out whenever NOM's phony mask of respectability slips off, but what Chamberlan seems to be implying here is downright spooky.

Hat tip to my Facebook friend Dale Spivey.


Maggie4NoH8 said...

I don't know if you follow the comments on NOM's Blog, but that really is just the tip of the iceberg.

BlackTsunami said...

I've seen some. But this is just INSANE. What does she want to do with that information?

David said...

So offensive on multiple levels. Children obviously aren't "in the grips of same-sex couples". Those children were disposed of by straight couples, and didn't have a home or parents. Barb is implying that the children were forced to live with same-sex couples against their will.

She also has no proof that gay couples are trying to keep the biological parents a secret. Of course, even if it were true. That's none of her business. No doubt straight and gay adoptive parents wait until a child is older to discuss issues involving the bio-parents.

Finally, she makes it sound as if she's promoting the idea of contacting those children, and personally telling them about their bio-parents. Why she beliefs that she has the right to interfere in a family's private life is beyond sleazy.

TomTallis said...

This is nothing short of stalking. I sent a link to your blog post to every gay couple with children I know with a warning about this loon. I told them if she trys to contact them or her children I would call the police and the FBI.

dancandan said...

what a sick, perverted, insane, immoral, and despicable group of people...its time to eliminate them from the public debate as they have no morality or credibility of any kind...they are defunct...

Tabitha Mincks said...

Wow. NOM supporters have gone from just being assholes to looking like sexual predators. With all that information that she supposedly has, she could do just about anything to those children. I hope that someone is keeping an eye on her.

Anonymous said...

Unreal! I feel like im seeing nightmares and im wide awake. What on earth do people think we are creatures from another planet?

thom said...

It's really quite telling that she has to dehumanize same-sex couples and their families by describing the couples as having "their grips" on the children and the children as something that is "in the possession of" the couples. You have to wonder if that's how she views her own children, or those of other opposite-sex couples, as merely possessions.

And that she gleefully offers up ways to put the children of same sex couples in harm's way -- you'd think that even as horrible as she finds us and guilty of sin and perversion, she'd consider our children to be innocent. Yet she's willing to let those innocents be risked... to what purpose? Does she think that any evil or harm that could be perpetrated against our children is going to turn us straight, or make us stop seeking equality, or turn our allies against us? If anything, I'd wager that we and our allies would fight even harder.

allan fitzmaurice said...

I used to read NOM's Facebook page and blog until I realized it was akin to banging my head against a wall. Barb is a particularly vile person who masks her hatred and bigotry behind some kind of Christian fundamentalism.

Clarknt67 said...

Barb is a very regular member of the NOM community.

She's posted 2,490 times on their site alone:


She also frequents all their other sites. She's a class A nutcase, as much time as she spends worry about who other people are marrying.

Anonymous said...

Cyberstalkers for Jesus! Should we expect more kidnappers for Jesus a la Lisa Miller?

Anonymous said...

Barb Chamberlain's nearly 2,500 are only a portion of what she's posted. Until about a couple years ago, she posted as simply "Barb," then changed to Barb Chamberlain because, as she said, there was someone else using the name Barb. That and she was all proud of the fact that she was using her real name unlike all the anonymous cowards (paraphrasing her words).

I really have a hard time picking my "favorite" NOM commenter. Randy E King, Alessandra, Son of Adam, Daughter of Eve, OldKingBlog... But the winner has to be Rick DeLano.

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