Tuesday, May 21, 2013

This is how you 'debunk' homosexuality?

This is debunking homosexuality? You're kidding, right? Hearing folks like this guy really makes me sad for the American educational system, although except for the omission of junk science, his rambling is exactly the type of argument we hear from the religious right.


Julia Andersson said...

Maybe he should get some help. His need for piercings is definitely abnormal. LOL

Anonymous said...

who is trying to convince... himself!

Rob said...

With that one piercing on his lip, I would not want to kiss him.

Anonymous said...

"Can we get a medal or something?!"

¬.¬ ...is this guy serious?
People like him really doesn't like equality, they've always got to be better then everyone else.
As homosexuality starts to achieve more equal standards, people like this guy demand that gays either become lesser, or for people like him to become greater.