Friday, May 17, 2013

'Uma Thurman as Anita Bryant? This I gotta see' and other Friday midday news briefs

Uma Thurman As Anita Bryant: 'Kill Bill' Star Cast As Anti-Gay Activist - Kinda frivolous I know, but come on. This I simply HAVE to see. 

George Takei Responds To "Traditional" Marriage Fans - George Takei comes out of the closet and then he just gets all zany. LOL  

The Losing Arguments Of Anti-LGBT ‘Alliance Defending Freedom’ - This is so hilarious!

 Washington Florist Countersues For Religious Right To Discriminate - I reiterate that if you allow discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, where does it stop?

  Barton: Partner Abuse 'Ten Times Higher' in Same-Sex Relationships - Of course David Barton is talking out of his tuckus and Right Wing Watch proves it.

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Toward a Moral Life said...

On your story about where discrimination ends:
It doesn't. You discriminate against gays legally, and we're back to the bad old days when businesses can legally discriminate against "darkies" and "spics" and "hebes" and "cath-o-licks".
...and we'll party like it's 1699.