Monday, June 17, 2013

'Documentary explores the 'gay is the new black' argument' and other Monday midday news briefs

Goodbye Pam’s House Blend: after nine years, closing the coffeehouse July 1 - First a little sad news. One of my best buddies and mentors, Pam Spaulding, is retiring her blog, Pam's House Blend. The Blend was one of the most important and powerful voices for the lgbt community and stood on the forefront of how online activism shaped the lgbt community for the positive. On a personal note, Pam was one of the few people who encouraged, guided, and pushed me to be a better blogger. I owe her tremendously. 

Are LGBT People ‘The New Black’? - This sounds like an awesome documentary! 

To NOM, The Children Of Gay Couples Are Just ‘Accessories’ - Good grief, NOM. Can you get even more mean? 

 NJ Assembly Committee Moves Conversion Therapy Ban - one step in a long but necessary process to protect lgbt children.  

Conservative Group Warns of Divine Punishment for Obama's LGBT Pride Event - Whatever, guys.

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