Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Religious right spokesman - ignore Supreme Court ruling if it doesn't go our way

American Family Association's Gary Glenn recently gave a speech in which he said if the Supreme Court rules against DOMA and Prop 8, the ruling should be ignored. In this speech, he cited Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King, Jr:

The grand irony of Glenn's speech? He has in the past advocated for homosexuality to be "criminalized." In fact, three years ago, a post I wrote about his statement led him to engage me in a war of words regarding the so-called dangers of homosexuality.

It wasn't even a battle which I broke a sweat. Check it out.


BJ Jackson Lincoln said...

Wow! He really twisted history around. Dr. King was not a homophobe and Lincoln wrote the EP.

Jerry Callender said...

WOW - three times he used the term "FREEDOM" in describing what his family and his followers would NOT have if Marriage Equality becomes law. He also failed to recognize LOVING v VIRGINIA when a Virginia Chief Justice intoned "god put the races on different continents for a reason and were it not for the interference of man they would still be there" in upholding the lower Court's prison terms given to the Lovings. The Lovings crime? Married while bi-racial. That was 1967 Virginia!! This fool also quotes Dr King who also said "..until ALL are free none are free". Glenn also mistakenly referred to the coming decision as a "law" which it is not. A positive decision for society would displace laws of division, based on bigotry and hate, and allow two people, who so choose, to marry with the same "rights" enjoyed by heterosexual couples now, and I dare say that those heterosexual couples are not even aware of the "rights" they enjoy that other citizens are denied.