Monday, July 15, 2013

Anti-gay Congressman Louie Gohmert demonstrates why lgbts are winning the fight for equality

Via the folks from Right Wing Watch (who will probably send me a bill for the citations), comes Rep. Louie Gohmert with a snippet of a speech earlier month which indicates just why the lgbt community has been successful lately in our fight for equality. I mean how in the heck can anyone defend anything with this mind-boggling train of thought.


Erica Cook said...

How does two males help the evolution of the species? Simple, as the population increases beyond the production of food you have grater censorship of homosexuality among different species. This is proven. As a generation living in hardship grows to sexual maturity fewer will be having babies but as many adults will be alive. Its common among species for childless couples to aid in the upbringing of related children. This means fewer children getting grater care in harsher times.

When you think about it, through the adoption system human gays do this too. You have people having children in situations they are wise enough to see aren't best for the upbringing of such children, they take the time and care to bring a baby to term, and then give that child to a couple who has the means to provide a better chance.

I know this is an idealized, but it is what happens.

Next narrow minded bigoted question?

Anonymous said...

There Gohmert goes, trying a "Parts don't fit" argument.