Monday, July 01, 2013

'Anti-marriage equality opponents throw hissyfits, get embarrassed' and other Monday midday news briefs

Rachel Maddow And David Gregory Destroy The GOP’s Last Argument Against Marriage Equality - Meanwhile, Rachel Maddow is her usual brilliant self and apparently David Gregory ate his Wheaties. 

Supreme Court Rejects Petition To Halt Gay Marriages In California - Haters will hate and get embarrassed. 

Anti-Gay Protesters Attack Pride March In Russia - But let's not get too celebratory. Lgbt equality is still a worldwide fight.

Federal Government Begins Extending Employee Benefits To Same-Sex Spouses - Just in case you didn't know . . .

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Patrick said...

I haven't heard any reactions on the DOMA decision from the conservatives that said they were for "States Rights". A huge part of Justice Kennedy's legal justification centered around the federal court overstepping it bounds and infringing on an area he said only the states were constitutionally allowed to decide. I wonder if they're going to show they believe in those principles and applaud the decision or if they'll show everyone it was just their way of sidestepping the issue.