Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Lgbts need to get serious in addressing, stamping out homophobic propaganda

Read This Impressively Offensive Anti-LGBT Pamphlet From Ghana - What's distressing about this pamphlet is how it sounds so much like the junk put out in America by religious right groups.  Peter LaBarbera is even cited in it. It simply underscores that all of the stuff we talk about the royal baby possibly being gay or Spiderman being gay or whatever useless fascination we involve ourselves in don't mean crap if we don't get serious and address the rhetoric used against us. It's not just about America now but more susceptible countries. If we don't start talking about the propaganda we are going to have more things like the following from Russia:

or  Montenegro's Gay Pride Parade Debuts Amidst Violence 

or  Haitian Anti-Gay Marriage Protesters Kill Two Men, Threaten To Burn Down Parliament: VIDEO

These people who committed these awful acts were spurred on by something which told them that it was justified to harm their fellow countrymen. My guess is that the rhetoric spread about lgbts had somethign to do with - rhetoric which portrays us as disease-ridden, pedophilic monsters out to destroy society and morality. Homophobia, like racism, is an emotion spurred on by hatred and that hatred is propelled by fear.  Rhetoric designed to exploit this fear should never be ignored or laughed at. Remember that the next time you read an anti-gay pamphlet by the Family Research Council or the National Organization for Marriage. What's funny to you could mean death to someone else.

 Historically, the propaganda used against lgbts is no different than the propaganda against African-Americans or people of the Jewish faith.  Perhaps it's time we start placing this propaganda its proper place rather than laughing it off.

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Images taken from 36 Photos From Russia That Everyone Needs To See

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Anonymous said...

So I made it through their 12 points and noticed something. At least six of them are God Botherer points.

The remaining six loose all because they are patent falsehoods.