Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The cruelest thing said about same-sex families thus far by NOM

When opponents like Jennifer Morse of NOM's Ruth Institute claim that they speak against marriage equality and lgbt rights because they supposedly love gays, keep the following Facebook comment in mind:

Hat tip to Jeremy Hooper.


Mykelb said...

This woman's Ph.D. is in economics. Not social science, not human sexuality, not psychiatry. She is a bean counter. Whatever she has to say about human relationships is not worth a whit.

Tim Molecule said...

Even then, she's wrong about the fact that babies are never bought or sold through surrogacy; in most cases it is already illegal to profit from the venture. She should at least have a shred of understanding about buying and selling, no?

Can't say I'm surprised. Not even intellectuals can escape bigotry.