Tuesday, August 06, 2013

'Two-year-old gets picked on for wearing pink headband' and other Tuesday midday news briefs

A Two-Year-Old Boy Got Assaulted At Wal-Mart For Wearing A Pink Headband - Oh come on! Who cares if the baby was wearing a pink headband. If it were MY mother, the story would have been "homophobic jerk got thrown around, body-slammed, and legdropped at Wal-Mart for assaulting a very handsome and intelligent two-year-old."  - UPDATE  - All might not be true.

House Republicans withdraw from all remaining DOMA cases - And none of us will be getting any refund for this waste. 

 Harry Jackson thinks he's found Hollywood's big secret: Fake gays - Is he for real?

 Rep. Ted Yoho Rails Against Gay Marriage, Food Stamps and Terrorist Immigrants - Why just attack marriage equality when you can throw something in your rant about food stamps and immigrants?

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