Wednesday, August 21, 2013

What the heck are cannibalism and sodomy merit badges?

Some people's hatred of gays absolutely amazes me. Here are Christian Right talk show hosts Kevin Swanson and Dave Buehner still whining over the fact the decision to allow openly gay Boy Scout members:

Swanson: Manhood is a problem and the Boy Scouts are going to lead the decline since the final decision came down that the Boy Scouts as a national organization are going to invite homosexuals into the troops.

Buehner: Which is just a matter [of time] until they invite homosexuals, active homosexuals, to be leaders of the troops and pretty soon you’re going to have the sodomy merit badge. Christians are fleeing like rats.

Swanson: And after that I guess it’s incest; after that I guess it’s the cannibal merit badge, where I guess you cut up human flesh, fry it—

 Buehner: Cook it in a Dutch oven out in the wilderness.

 Swanson: So that’s what the Boy Scouts are doing, they are trying to add abomination on abomination, effectively going into God’s word, trying to find the thing that God really, really, really hates the most. The sins listed in the Bible, going through the lists of sins in the Bible, finding the very worst ones and creating merit badges for them is where the Boy Scouts are headed.


BJ Jackson Lincoln said...

Have we heard of any problems so far from the change in policy?
These people are sick to think anyone would want stuff like this to happen. The BSA is not going to change a thing outside letting young gay boys enjoy the great things they have to offer. Just because a boy is gay does not mean he will not want and need to learn to be a good man/person.
That was sick.

Anonymous said...

BJ, the policy doesn't actually take effect until January.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if the BSA allows scouts to eat pork products or shell fish? Because according to the Old Testament, God considered those two items to be an abomination.

Janice Gordon

Anonymous said...

These people have a lot of nerve calling anyone else sick! It seems to me that virtually all of the people who are opposed to recognition of human and civil rights for GLBT people are unable to keep their sordid minds out of the bedrooms of strangers. They are obsessed with incest, bestiality and sex with inanimate objects, too.

And where in the world did they come up with the cannibalism commentary? Damn, that's just sick stuff there.

I hope these fools keep talking. This bovine scat does more to advance the cause of equality than they will ever know.

Glenn Ingersoll said...

Violent hateful fantasy upon sick disgusting fantasy. God loves you!

Erica Cook said...

You know, this is like the gay agenda thing. I always want to know why I wasn't invited.