Monday, September 30, 2013

Religious right groups aren't about God or morals, but lies and fear

As I have said numerous times and especially in my booklet, How They See Us, the attack on the lgbt community by religious right groups has nothing to do with Christianity. Whether you believe homosexuality to be a sin or whether you don't doesn't matter because these groups and their spokespeople are all about fear.

I defy anyone (and I am especially talking to folks who disagree with my point of view) to tell me how what Bryan Fischer says in the video below has anything to do with Christianity or the love of God:

 I've always thought Christianity was about having faith in God's love, not scaring people about concentration camps and persecution. It's sad, really. The Christianity I grew up with taught me never to fear the actions of man because God is always in control. Fischer seems to be telling folks to be scared all of the time.


Anonymous said...

You are absolutely correct! It has nothing to do with Christianity per se, but the bigoted interpretation of Christianity.

Anonymous said...

It is so good & satisfactory to persecute, prosecute & murder in the name of God. This is unfortunately the gist of all religions it has been so for few thousand years much blood has been spilled in His name. These people do not believe in God but in their own power & the seed of unbridled hatred of others. Even to day wars & murder is done in the name of some religion or other.

Linnea said...

I've learned from experience that fundamentalist Christians get off on keeping other people scared. It's all about power, and it's a form of religious abuse. Can't wait until the day that this kind of so-called "Christianity" dies for good.