Wednesday, September 18, 2013

'SC anti-gay groups angry over college reading assignment' and other Wednesday midday news briefs

S.C. groups criticize LGBT-themed freshmen reading assignment at Upstate college - There is NOTHING salacious in this book, “Outloud: The Best of Rainbow Radio," which I was proud to participate in writing in a very small way. This just boils down to groups not wanting to acknowledge the existence of lgbts on ANY level. Well what to you expect when one of the groups protesting, The Palmetto Family Council, funnels out false and outdated information about gays, such as we are the victims of "gay bowel syndrome.'

NBC News holds Scott Lively accountable - Hot damn! NBC News publishes a BLISTERING article on arch-homophobe Scott Lively. 

 How Social Conservative Gary Bauer Uses His Network Of ‘Values’ Groups To Enrich Himself - Apparently homophobia is a huge money maker for Gary Bauer. 

 Pa. Lawmakers To Target Gay “Conversion” Therapy - Sweet! Do it!

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Sarah Wilson said...

"Using tax dollars to promote homosexuality"

Don't they know that being gay isn't a religion? Unlike...