Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Liberty Counsel scares the money out of guillible Christians

This video is brought to you by the anti-gay organization The Liberty Counsel. This is how they make their money - scaring the hell out of gullible Christians. For the record, the situations involving a pastor being arrested for preaching against homosexuality and a student "forced" to dress up as a member of the opposite sex has never happened.

And they never will. But don't say that too loud. The Liberty Counsel needs to get paid.


BJ Jackson Lincoln said...

They think Lively is being charged because he spoke out against "homosexuals". He is being charged with crimes against humanity because he is taking his religious views and lies to another country and promoting hate and violence against LGBT people. He has led government officials to believe he is all knowing on the subject and has scared the hell out of them as well as being responsible for the beatings and killings of LGBT people. It is illegal to promote hate in another country. We do have a lame "Prime directive" of not allowing none government people to influence cultural change. Logans Law. It may not stick but it could apply. Brian Brown should be charged as well.

John Powell said...

Even when solidly demonstrated that situations like these have NOT happened, the reply is often, "but they could." This kind of closed-door logic always confuses possibility with probability. Yes, with dealing with humans and the diverse nature of our opinions, the possibility is always there. The fact that the probability of any of these events happening is so near zero is conveniently overlooked.