Tuesday, November 19, 2013

'Anti-gay activist tries to compliment me. Big mistake' and other Tuesday midday news briefs

Austin Ruse
This morning, I got a very interesting message from Austin Ruse. Ruse is a columnist for that vile propagandist piece of trash Breitbart.com as well as president of the Catholic Family and Human Rights Instiute (C-FAM).

C-FAM was recently embroiled in controversy over its support of Russia's anti-gay laws as well as other anti-gay laws worldwide. I recently published a post detailing a past one-on-one online conversation I had with Ruse in which he regurgitated some of the most vile anti-gay talking points. Apparently, he must have loved my post because he sent me the following:

The thing I like about you, is you give me a full hearing. We may disagree and you may call me names, regrettably, but you quote me in full. Much appreciated... 

Naturally, I responded in the manner which I have become accustomed to - brief, to the point, but not giving up an inch:

All the better for people to see you as a homophobic charlatan, Mr. Ruse. I'm merely providing the rope.

Allow me to include some further points that I failed to make to Mr. Ruse in my initial response:

Don't  try to sugarcoat your homophobia to me in the guise of polite conversation and congenial comments. I know where you stand with regards to how you feel about lgbts and I won't pretend to be nice as to where I stand. I won't be rude to you, but life is too short to bullshit our way through phony platitudes of politeness. I don't like you, Mr. Ruse. I find you extremely fake and even more vile. Your organization perverts the word "family," making it into a caste system where me and mine are not allowed. In addition, you rationalize the persecution of my lgbt brothers and sisters on a worldwide scale. So spare me any kind words because I have a feeling that what's in your mind regarding me isn't exactly as equally kind. There is nothing good about you, Mr. Ruse  It's as simple as that. 

In other news:  

NRO Trots Out Discredited Researcher To Defend Junk Same-Sex Parenting Study - How interesting. Using a discredited racist to defend homophobic junk science.

 Mary Cheney Finds Her Voice - I may be in the minority here but I feel sorry for Mary Cheney. She sacrificed for family and now the family is stabbing her in the ribs. That's just wrong.  

Methodist Church Convicts Pastor For Officiating His Son’s Same-Sex Wedding - Oh give me a break!  

'Ask Amy' Advice Columnist Tells Mother Pressuring Gay Son To Change Sexuality Is Wrong - Awesome advice!

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David in Houston said...

I'd like to add my own 2¢:
"In addition, you rationalize the persecution of my lgbt brothers and sisters on a worldwide scale... using your CHOSEN religious beliefs to do so. The Bible was not intended to demonize and ostracize human beings just because they happen to be different. The fact that you don't comprehend that speaks volumes."