Tuesday, November 26, 2013

'Anti-gay right rally to defend supporter of Russia's homophobic laws' and other Tuesday midday news briefs

Religious Right Piles On To Defend Proponent Of Russia Anti-Gay Laws - To the American religious right, a secular bakery owned by "Christian" making a cake for a gay couple = persecution but a country which forbids your freedom to assemble or to express yourself, and whose police will do nothing while homophobes beat the hell out of you in their presence = "preservation of morality and Christian values." Things have certainly changed since Jesus was crucified. 

Correction: Greeks are not giving themselves HIV to get government benefits - That's one urban legend shot to pieces, thank goodness. But why oh why couldn't they handle the lies about black men on the "down low" as swiftly? 

 Arkansas Supreme Court Overturns Ruling Preventing Gay Man’s Partner From Sleeping Over When Son Is Present - Good news part 1!

 Judge Orders Expedited Marriage For Gay Couple - Good news Part 2 but for a bittersweet reason.

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