Wednesday, November 27, 2013

'British Supreme Court tanks 'religious liberty' argument in ruling' and other Wednesday midday news briefs

British Supreme Court Rules Against Discriminating Bed & Breakfast Owners - Boom! The phony "religious liberty" argument fails in Great Britain. 

INDIANA: Mary Cheney To Host Fundraiser To Fight Proposed Gay Marriage Ban - Oh snap! Dick Cheney's little girl is catching an attitude. Personally I totally approve. Now I know there are some lgbts who will be "where the hell was she when . . ." but I disagree. There is a time to talk about that sort of thing but now isn't the time. In a war, you don't read potential allies the riot act . . . at least not yet.  

Texas National Guard to allow same-sex couples to register for benefits - Score one for the good guys. 

Oregon Family Council Compares Gays to Neo-Nazis - Oh come on! No gay man alive would be caught dead in those tacky uniforms.

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