Monday, November 18, 2013

'Cheney sisters have ugly feud over marriage equality' and other Monday midday news briefs

Mary Cheney: Liz Cheney Is On 'Wrong Side Of History' With Anti-Gay Marriage Stance - Oh boy. The Cheney sisters are having a public feud over marriage equality. Liz wants that Senate seat, she is publicly standing against marriage equality even though she has privately been more than cordial to her sister Mary and her partner. Pretty soon, Joan Fontaine and Olivia DeHavilland are going to be called in the mediate. Seriously though, in my two cents, family is more important than a Senate seat. Liz should remember that. 

Video: Sen. Rubio keynotes for rabidly anti-LGBT org; org. advocates 'leaving the gay lifestyle' - Oh Marco! You'll never get the presidency that way.  

Pa. Gay Marriage Suit Takes Big Step Toward Trial - Oh this is going to be good!  

Religious Right Leaders Defend Russia's Anti-Gay Law - Why of course those losers do. 

'Facing Fear' Subjects, Former Neo-Nazi And Gay Attack Victim, On Their Unique Relationship - This story gives me hope for the future.

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