Tuesday, November 05, 2013

'Christian' group continues to victimize transgender child

In its attempt to defeat a recently passed bill in California which would protect the rights of transgender students, a religious right group, Pacific Justice Institute, helped to spread a story about a Colorado transgender high school student allegedly harassing other female students in the bathroom.

The story was a lie and it was debunked as such, causing several publications to issue retractions or pull their reporting of the story. PJI tried to backtrack,  attempting to claim that it was "merely" highlighting the fact that a transgender student was using the bathroom and putting other students' privacy at risk. However, PJI continues to target the child, causing her to go on suicide watch.

The organization has just come out with a video showcasing the supposed "victims" of the transgender student's alleged harassment; a harassment that the organization admitted NEVER HAPPENED. This is goes beyond shameful. The idea that a supposed Christian organization would continue to push a debunked story even though it is specifically harming an innocent child is reprehensible on so many levels:

Hat tip to Gayrva.com and especially The Transadvocate who led the way in debunking this awful lie.


BJ Jackson Lincoln said...

How shameful can you get!
He is a SHE but they keep calling her a boy. Nothing happened. I feel so sorry for this young lady and all she has been through. Being transgender is hard enough without horrible people making a video telling lies! Is there anyway she can sue them for slander?

Anonymous said...

They are acting like transgenderism is an excuse to be used for something so silly as peeping in on the opposite sex bathroom. No child in their right mind would claim to be LGBT if they JUST wanted to peep in on the opposite sex. Those who are really curious and naughty will just run in on the other bathroom at whim or get a boyfriend or girlfriend.