Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Election special - LGBT community rocks with stunning victories, NOM suffers losses

Last night's elections was a massive success for the lgbt community while at the same time a disaster for folks who oppose lgbt equality. Let's take a few look a some news briefs illustrating this:  

Victory Fund celebrates big wins for LGBT candidates - The Victory Fund breaks down all of our successes from last night.

 Gay Rights Victories Pile Up In 2013 - A nice overview of the year in general. If this keeps up, Time magazine should give the lgbt community the "Person of the Year" award.

 Mayor Annise Parker wins re-election to third, final term - One gay mayor wins her re-election.

 Seattle gets first gay mayor: Ed Murray - While Seattle elects its first openly gay mayor.

Illinois lawmakers vote to allow gay marriages - And let's not forget that yesterday, Illinois made it number 15. Hopefully Hawaii will be 16. I wonder how Peter LaBarbera is holding up to the news that he now lives in a marriage equality state.  

NOM living out one horrible week (and it’s only Wednesday) - MEANWHILE, Jeremy Hooper breaks it down as to why the National Organization for Marriage lost has already lost the week. And as he says, "it's only Wednesday."

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