Tuesday, January 29, 2013

I 'love' Bryan Fischer and you should too

 I don't know about you all, but I am starting to love Bryan Fischer.

He is a loudmouthed, ignorant fool who repeats the most off-the-wall lies about the gay community. It's like nothing is out of bounds with this guy, such as the above clip in which he claims that the gay community is attempting to destroy the military.

 And that's why I love him.

One minute of Bryan Fischer running his mouth moves the gay community probably 5 steps closer to full equality. With just a few words, he destroys "love the sinner, but not the sin" lie religious right groups such as the Family Research Council and the National Organization for Marriage attempt to perpetrate.

One minute of Bryan Fischer negates every argument, every false issuance of piety, every fake show of love pushed by the religious right.

He is the religious right personified, uncensored by phony kindness and the fraudulent sense of concern about our "souls."

Not matter how much he will deny it, Fischer cannot stand us. He loathes the gay community. He probably has nightmares about us.

And the best part of it? He will not shut up nor will he tread lightly.

He comes full throttle, immersed in his homophobia and hatred in front of millions and millions of people.

I know that it may not seem like it now, but Fischer's words are building up to something like a pot boiling on the stove. The American Family Association, which allows him to have a radio program, has already put up a proviso that the words he utters are his opinions only.

So the group is obviously concerned about this man's wackiness, but not concerned enough to put a kibosh on his mouth.

And that's a good deal for the gay community. All we have to do is let him keep talking.

Bryan Fischer is the gay community's best weapon in the pursuit of full equality.

'Bigot has explosive meltdown over possible Boy Scout policy change' and other Tuesday midday news briefs

Bigot has meltdown over possible change in Boy Scout policy:

While it's wrong for me to wish a heart attack on Mr. Fischer, his data is equally wrong. According to the American Psychological Association:

 . . . homosexual men are not more likely to sexually abuse children than heterosexual men are.

In related news:

 Birds of a feather Barber & Fischer show Boy Scouts what extremism looks like - (Me doing my "Celie" from The Color Purple) - "Dear God, please put a check on some of those who claim to be following your laws. They is crazy

 In other news:

Cecil Chao, Hong Kong Billionaire, Still Offering 'Deluxe Luxury' To Man Who Woos His Lesbian Daughter - Sometimes the desire of the human spirit not to give up on a lost cause is downright hilarious.

  California Archbishop Compares Marriage Equality To ‘Legalizing Male Breastfeeding- Just when you think you have heard it all . . .

 McCain On Immigration Reform: Gay Couples Are A ‘Red Flag’ And ‘Not of Paramount Importance’ - The hell they aren't!  

Booklet on anti-gay propaganda an online success - If you haven't seen my press release from last night. Yeah I know you may be tired of me promoting my booklet but remember that I'm not Ellen nor Neil Patrick Harris. I gotta work my own runway and spotlight sometimes.

Colorado Catholic adoption agencies wants to discriminate against gay couples

Civil unions may just become a reality in Colorado. With that in mind, the Catholic Charities there are threatening to close its adoption services. The above news report tells the entire story and does an adequate job to give a fair view to both sides of the issue.

However, the report failed to mention that the Catholic Charities receives over $7 million in government grants (pg. 6).  While members of the Colorado Catholic Charities went on and on in the report about their faith, none of them addressed the money situation and the basic unfairness of accepting tax dollars while seeking to discriminate against the taxpayers who happen to be lgbt.