Friday, May 10, 2013

Sleazy Family Research Council video slanders boy scouts

The above video is just one of six, according to Joe Jervis, that the Family Research Council has just put on its youtube site. The videos speak against the possible decision by the Boy Scouts of America to allow gay scouts.

The video seems to be innocuous with its interviews of older Boy Scouts and Eagle Scouts. That is except for the ever so slight suggestions of that gay scouts will make sexual advances.

Then at 1:38, it knocks you on your ass with an Eagle Scout from Virginia talking about how he would feel uncomfortable "in a tent, closed off from the world" if his best friend or an older Scout made advances on him.

I don't know what saddens me more - the idea that FRC implies that a gay member of the Boy Scouts would automatically talk about sex or make advances or that the group uses young adults to do its dirty work.

At any rate, the video is sleazy and disgusting. Desperation does leave an odor, doesn't it?

Why gays get angry - when the 'butt sex' Christian meets the discredited researcher

No matter how the religious right (and unfortunately a few members of the media) attempt to turn the momentum of marriage equality into a debate of whether Christians are now the victims of bigotry and lgbts are the perpetrators, it will always come back to the video above to refute that point.

The discredited anti-gay researcher Paul Cameron (a man who believes that gays stuff gerbils up their rectums) is having a discussion with anti-gay activist Dave Daubenmire about how nasty lgbts are. Daubenmire was recently very vocal in his displeasure regarding President Obama speaking to openly gay NBA player Jason Collins, even to the point of talking about gays and "butt sex."

The conversation between Daubenmire and Cameron is sadly hilarious now, but keep in mind that less than two decades ago, Congressional leaders were vouching for Cameron's "research."  Also keep in mind that while groups like the Family Research Council and individuals like Matt Barber of the Liberty Counsel are always whining about being unfairly called bigots, they won't tell you that they freely cite Cameron's work even though they know it to be fraudulent.

Lastly, keep in mind that if you replaced the word "gay" or with "Jewish" or "African-American," this conversation would cause a serious outcry in all circles whether they be Christian or general mainstream.

But since they are talking about lgbts, you only hear crickets. While articles have been written which ask the question of whether or not Christians are being attacked for professing their so-called personal beliefs, there has been very little media attention and virtually NO mainstream articles written on Cameron's influence on present-day religious right anti-gay propaganda or how so-called "pro-family" group routinely cherry-pick science to demonize gays.

That's what pisses us lgbts off. And speaking on a personal level, just the thought of this lack of balance pisses me off to the "highest levels of pissivity.

Just saying . . .

Editor's note - Box Turtle Bulletin has a list of groups and individuals who still cite Cameron's shoddy research.

Hat tip to Religious Right Watch.

'Sen. Lindsey Graham rumored to oppose adding gay couples to immigration bill' and other Friday midday news briefs

It’s time to out Lindsey Graham - Rumor control has it that Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) is the main person holding up the immigration bill because he doesn't like the idea of adding adding couples to it. Of course that same rumor control is that Graham himself is secretly gay. Ugh. 

Texas Education Official to Investigate Whether Schools Teach 'Roles of Men and Women in a Traditional Way' - Uh . . . what? 

 As Minnesota Prepares To Become 12th Marriage Equality State, Illinois Governor Demands Vote - This is getting good!

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Anti-gay spokesman connects Benghazi controversy with the lgbt community

Only Porno Pete LaBarbera could connect the Benghazi madness to the lgbt community. The following is his tweet from yesterday:

Same liberal media thats botching Benghazi story essentially created mass acceptance for homosex'lity w/ its utterly biased coverage.

I would be shocked and speechless. But then again what does one expect from a man who posts a picture of buttocks ravaged with anal warts in an effort to demonize the lgbt community.