Friday, May 17, 2013

Know Your LGBT History - Lesbian and gay clubs of the 1950s

Why am I posting this video? Because it reminds me of why I don't go to gay clubs now. Too loud, too noisy, and hard to connect with people. And I would kill for at least one song to be slow so that I can dance cheek-to-cheek with someone. Sometimes it's good to crave intimacy with no sexual contact. It seems that the clubs back then were much superior to the ones now.

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 Washington Florist Countersues For Religious Right To Discriminate - I reiterate that if you allow discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, where does it stop?

  Barton: Partner Abuse 'Ten Times Higher' in Same-Sex Relationships - Of course David Barton is talking out of his tuckus and Right Wing Watch proves it.

Anti-gay ad in Belize invokes Jesus

Lgbts and their allies in Belize are attempting to get rid of the antiquated sodomy laws. The following commercial is by those who don't want that to happen.

The irony is the inference of Jesus in the ad, seeing that He never said a word about homosexuality.