Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Matt Barber is talking about 'gay sex' and Satan again

Matt Barber
Sometimes you have to wonder how sad these religious right spokespeople truly are. Matt Barber of the Liberty Counsel is a perfect example. Not only does he seem to have a fascination with "attacking gay sex," but he seems to love linking the lgbt community with Satan. One has to wonder does this man really think he is spreading truth by saying the statements below. 

'Video denigrates same-sex households' and other Tuesday midday news briefs

We hear so much from the opposition that they are being attacking for supposedly simply believing that marriage should be confined to one man and one woman and that the raising of children should be confined to that sole dynamic. It's difficult for us to demonstrate how many times those expressing that belief cross the line into the realm of attacking our families. Ironically enough, this video does it for us. Now there is nothing wrong with writing a book which talks about a mother/father dynamic when it comes to marriage and the raising of children. Where I seriously draw the line is when the author feels the need to disrespect - however slightly - same-sex families. These folks need to recognize that while they have every right to express their opinion when it comes to marriage and the raising of children, if their expressed opinion attacks or disrespects same-sex households in any way, they shouldn't expect us to be silent. We love our families and our children, too.

Hat tip to Jeremy Hooper.

In other news:

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This is how you 'debunk' homosexuality?

This is debunking homosexuality? You're kidding, right? Hearing folks like this guy really makes me sad for the American educational system, although except for the omission of junk science, his rambling is exactly the type of argument we hear from the religious right.