Tuesday, January 21, 2014

50 African-American lgbts of color you NEED to be aware of

The lgbt identity is a multicultural, multi-ethnic, multinational identity. It's not just about Ellen DeGeneres, Neil Patrick Harris, or LOGO. Nor is it just about Stonewall, New York, California, or ACT-UP. LGBT history is so diversified, so dynamic, and so embedded in the history of the world that I get angry when I realize how sometimes the community gets so fixated on one thing that we forget the full richness that our people have brought to the world. So do yourself a favor. After watching this video, do some research on the lives of these lgbts of color.

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Anonymous said...

I was pretty aware of about a dozen of them.

Kind of surprised nobody in the entertainment biz e.g. TV wasn't mentioned. I mean, wasn't the ENTIRE cast of Noah's Ark gay?