Thursday, February 06, 2014

Refuting anti-gay lies about President Obama before they are repeated

Part of the ability of calling out conservative and anti-gay rights groups is understanding their "talent" - as it is - of creating a phony moral panic based upon cherry-picked information or the sin of omission.

With that in mind, in the above video snippet from this morning's National Prayer Breakfast, President Obama speaks out against BOTH religious persecution and anti-lgbt persecution in the name of religion.

Now, if I know my anti-gay hysterics like I think I do, in the coming days, we may either hear the conservative and anti-gay talking points that President Obama "labeled Christians as persecutors" or he had the nerve to "compare religious persecution with countries simply attempting to stop homosexual indoctrination."

I have been wrong before with my predictions and I wouldn't mind being wrong now.

But don't be surprised if I'm not.

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