Friday, March 28, 2014

'Federal government WILL recognize Michigan same-sex marriages' and other Friday midday news briefs

Extreme Anti-Gay Group Is Hosting "An Evening With Erick Erickson" - Ugh! One of those situations you wish was a Greek myth ending with Zeus striking all parties to kingdom come with a big ole thunderbolt.

US Attorney General Eric Holder Extends Federal Recognition to Michigan Same-Sex Marriages - Awesome! By the way, that loud popping sound you are hearing is the spaceship U.S.S. Religious Right Pissed Outrage going into orbit.  

WND publisher says 'God is truly the enemy' of pro-gay President Obama #tcot - Because apparently the guy who sells bumper stickers questioning President Obama's U.S. citizenship decides these things for God.  

Scott Lively Insults His Way Through Massachusetts Gubernatorial Forum On LGBT Issues - Poor Scott Lively. To be made fun of and laughed at by the audience during a gubernatorial debate. Oh who am I kidding? I enjoyed every minute of it.

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