Friday, March 07, 2014

'Michigan's 'expert witness' against marriage equality says gays are going to hell' and other Friday midday news briefs.

Gay People Are Going To Hell, Says Expert Witness In Michigan Gay Marriage Trial - Michigan's attempt to defend its law against marriage equality and second parent adoption is a black comedy of errors. It's first "expert witness" is barred from testifying by the judge because he wasn't that much of an expert. It's second "expert witness" is lambasted by his own university and the media for his discredited study while he was testifying about how said study proves same-sex parenting harms children. And now this. THIS "expert witness" said that lgbts are going to hell. Then he claimed that he wasn't biased. 

Liberty Counsel/Liberty University's Matt Barber has gay sex on the mind (again. typically. oddly.) - Matt Barber is talking about "gay sex" again, y'all. I say the next time he does it, we present him with an award. 

 Oliver North: GOP Must Oppose Marriage Equality Like It Fought Slavery - This is Oliver North. Lawbreaker in the Iran-Contra scandal. Passing negative judgement on marriage equality and talking about morality. DAMN!!  

Democrats Demand Administration Act On LGBT Workers’ Rights - Love me some President Obama but even he needs some pointing to the right direction.

 U.S. Evangelicals Forced On The Defensive Following Uganda's Anti-Gay Laws - They had better be.

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thommthomm said...

Wow CPAC must really be desperate to drag Oliver North out his mothball and spiderweb induced talk about morality lol