Thursday, March 27, 2014

'Sorry haters but the FBI has not disavowed the SPLC' and other Thursday midday news briefs

In which 'Washington Examiner's Paul Bedard rumormongers a new anti-LGBT meme into being - Another day, another lie told by the anti-gay right on the Southern Poverty Law Center. The truth in summation - NO, the FBI has not disavowed the Southern Poverty Law Center.

HRC Foundation Releases Detailed Report on Scott Lively’s Anti-LGBT Past - The Human Rights Campaign gives a blistering report on the history of anti-lgbt monster Scott Lively.

 Liberty Counsel Defends Christian School's Right To Demand Tomboy Student Follow 'Biblical Standards' On Gender - A "Christian" school kicks out an eight-year-old girl because she is a "tomboy" and leave it to the Liberty Counsel to defend the school.

Is There Such Thing As Being Too Extreme For Breitbart? - You don't want ME to answer that question.  

How The World Vision Flip-Flop Demonstrates Conservatives’ Commitment To Anti-Gay Discrimination - Ya think?

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