Tuesday, April 22, 2014

'Another so-called victim of gay menace loses in the courts' and other Tuesday midday news briefs

 Gallaudet College Officer Loses Bias Claim - Looks like the anti-gay industry has lost another victim of the supposed "homosexual agenda." Of course I doubt her losing her case will prevent them from portraying her as a martyr. Peter and company will continue to refer to her case and put her picture on their webpages. 

The rise of toxic terminology: Losing anti-LGBT movement turns to corrosive labeling - This article makes an excellent point. The number of times anti-gay figures have referred to the lgbt community as the "Gaystapo" recently has been nauseating and numerous. It has also been part of a plan to semantically shift the argument of lgbt equality in their favor.

Fox's O'Reilly: If "You Oppose Gay Marriage, You Could Get Hurt" - O'Reilly gets a good push back against his lies.

Cable Evening News Ignores Major HIV/AIDS Stories - There really is NO excuse for this.  

Illinois Family Institute: Exposing 'Evil' Dan Savage Is Like Uncovering The Holocaust - Lord, give me strength! The constant Nazi references from the anti-gay right is getting me ill.

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Glenn Ingersoll said...

What, you mean "expressing [one]self as a married, heterosexual, African-American, Christian wo/man/voter, who, through prayer and worship, searche[s] for a means to enlighten [other] voters" isn't the sort of thing that automatically provides a shield against adverse employment actions? Huh. You'd think!