Wednesday, April 23, 2014

'Anti-gay publication makes the case for lgbt equality' & Wednesday midday news briefs

While the lgbt community is slowly but surely making the case for equality in both marriage and anti-discrimination laws, some of our opposition are either freaking out or doing our jobs for us.  The following graphics from newly minted anti-gay news site, BarbWire, represents a little from Column A and a little from Column B:

For commentary about just how low BarbWire is stooping, see Matt Barber's ever-classy site suggests gay people are literally crushing fellow humans

In other news

Norman Spack Delivers Ted Talk On Transgender Teens - I love this video. It is definitely needed. 

 12 States Still Have Anti-Sodomy Laws A Decade After They Were Ruled Unconstitutional - Can you say "hot mess, boys and girls." Unfortunately South Carolina is one of the states. Of course if SC truly began trying to arrest folks for sodomy . . . . my lips are sealed. 

 Happy ending in the works for fired Latta police chief as mayor continues to lose support - Speaking of South Carolina, my post from last night because it bears repeating.  

World Bank Review Team To Recommend Approving Loan To Uganda Despite Anti-Homosexuality Act - Never forget that lgbt equality is a worldwide struggle.

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