Thursday, April 10, 2014

'Teacher suspended for merely being transgender' and other Thursday midday news briefs

WATCH: Texas Teacher Suspended for Being Transgender - This is a load of junk. Parents complained because they didn't want to explain to their children the subject of being transgender. It's been my experience that children generally handle discussions like these better than parents. 

Breitbart Texas Smears Teacher Suspended For Being Transgender - And crap like this doesn't help anyone.

Dayton Approves Tougher Anti-Bullying Law - Minnesota passes and its governor signs a very strict anti-bullying bill after "some folks" tried to filibuster it. 

Utah Distances Itself From Mark Regnerus’ Anti-Gay Study It Previously Cited - I am so not gloating here but "he he he he!" 

 Mike Huckabee Denies History Of Anti-LGBT Vitriol - Mike Huckabee likes to swear up and down that he is not homophobic when it comes to his anti-gay statements. He claims he is simply "defending his faith." Mike Huckabee is that rare breed of person who will lie in your face with the hope that you have a short memory. We don't and neither does Equality Matters.

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Tor said...

One - only one parent complained about Ms. Klug. What child has not asked a parent if it were possible to change genders? I know I did, and my mother said she wanted to be a boy once.
End of story. Nothing. No emotional scars.
We really need ENDA with a transgender inclusion NOW...