Thursday, April 03, 2014

'They can't blame gays for THAT! Yes they can' and other Thursday midday news briefs

Matt Barber's BarbWire will blame gays for EVERYTHING
BarbWire Blames Gays For Child Rapist’s Light Sentence - A fiendish man admits to sexually assaulting his infant daughter and Matt Barber's rag, Barbwire, knows exactly who is to blame for it - gay folks. Why? I DON'T KNOW!! (said in an exasperated sigh). 

Wash. Times Editor Emily Miller: Transgender Equality "Endangers Every Single Female" - Have you ever noticed how many times an anti-gay meme (which I call "headless monsters') gets debunked, it means nothing to the parties repeating them? We need another Edward R. Murrow to just tear these liars to shreds like the original did to Sen. Joseph McCarthy.  

Federal Judge: Sexual Orientation Can Be Protected Under Existing Sex Nondiscrimination Law - This is great news!

Arizona State Senator Tells Gay Colleague To 'Act More Gay' - You mean we can act "more gay" now? 

Activists Say U.S. Isn’t Sending A Strong Enough Message On Uganda’s Anti-Gay Law - Just putting it out there. It needs to be said.

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Remy Keifer said...

I love the reference you made to Joseph McCarthy. We should ask these homophobes "have you left any decency?"