Friday, May 23, 2014

'16-year-old transgender child suffers in adult jail' & other Friday midday news briefs

Why Is This Transgender Teen in Solitary? - A 16-year-old transgender child is in jail and she has done NOTHING to deserve it. What the hell . . . This story will break your heart.  

Groundbreaking Law Would Make It Easier For LGBT Couples To Start A Family - So PASS that sucker already! 

WorldNetDaily Explains How To Gay-Proof Your Kids - Hehehehe! We have stolen the plans and even as I speak, our scientists are working on the formula so that it will work in reverse.

 Lawmaker Seeks To Impeach Virginia Attorney General Over ‘Sodomy Marriage’ - Bring it on!  

The Woman Who Has Never Stopped Fighting To Keep LGBT Americans Out Of The Military - Proving that you too can make lots of money while being a homophobic colossal failure.

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