Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Benham Brothers ramble something about gays, Satan, and demons

From the department of "Can't these guys shut up. They are only making it worse for themselves" is the Benham Brothers who seem to think that they are being persecuted because of their "Christian faith" instead of saying off-the-wall homophobic stuff like above. Losing a chance for a show on the HGTV network doesn't exactly rank up there with the Marian Persecutions or the Massacre of the Huguenots. Furthermore, if you keep saying crazy junk, like the following rambling mess somehow connecting gays to Satan and demons (it's supposed to make sense I guess), men in white coats will be coming to get you.

From Right Wing Watch:

The bulk of the defense offered for the last week by David and Jason Benham of their past activism has been that they do not hate gay people but only hate "homosexuality and its agenda that is attacking the nation,"which is pretty much the defense offered by most of the anti-gay bigots we monitor on this blog.

 David Benham previously alleged that the "homosexual agenda," along with abortion rights and Islam, is controlled by "demonic forces and agendas." Last night, they took that talking point onto Glenn Beck's television program where they repeatedly asserted that they are not at war with gay people, but are rather engaged in a spiritual war against Satan and demonic forces that are out to silence Christianity.

 "It's a spiritual fight," Jason Benham said. "From the beginning of time, it was God and there was the Devil and both of them use people for their own purposes." Jason then recalled how Jesus had rebuked Peter by declaring "get behind me, Satan!" in Mark 8 to demonstrate this, as David added that it is all part of Satan's efforts to suppress the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. Later in the discussion, Jason added that they are not attacking "the homosexual community" because the real issue is "God versus the Devil."

If these guys keep talking, the lgbt community won't have to continue to play defense in this situation for very long. To tell the truth, I think we can safely act like a team who is 35 points ahead in the Superbowl with only two minutes on the clock.

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