Thursday, May 01, 2014

Lesbian couple has South Dakota legislator in a writing flurry about anal sex

What do you do when you are a South Dakota legislator and pastor who finds out that a lesbian couple will be challenging your state's anti-marriage equality law? Well if you are Republican Steve Hickey, you write a 600 word letter-to-the editor mainly talking about anal sex between gay men.

I kid you not. From Talking Points Memo:


BJ Jackson Lincoln said...

Only a religious zealot closet case can turn a lesbian couple into gay male sex. Doctors don't say anything because it isn't a problem. What I don't get is how we have been around since humans first appeared but being equal will destroy the country.

Patrick said...

The irony is that he's actually arguing in favor of lesbian couples with this piece. Lesbians couples are the only type of couple that doesn't engage in anal sex. His argument better applies to heterosexuals than lesbians.

This seems to be a recurring flaw in arguments basing anti-gay discrimination on "health concerns". Statistically, lesbian sex is the safest kind there is. Plus, they never seem to factor the health risks of childbirth into their arguments.

pat magn said...

The last statement will come true if the religious right makes our country into a theocracy. Denying others equality and the freedom to live their lives by running our country by his religious laws would definitely make the USA the newest, largest and most dangerous Iraq