Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Overreaction to Michael Sam's kiss goes on and on and on . . .

As this wild, heated discussion on a Dallas morning show demonstrates, some people have a serious problem with Michael Sam kissing his boyfriend Saturday.

Some say ESPN should have realized that children were watching. I say big deal. My guess is children younger than 10 thought the entire thing was gross - as children that age tend to think of all kissing - and have probably already forgotten about it. But honestly, in this society where violence on television is so ordinary from news programs to movies, just how damaging is it to children to see two men kiss? Seriously. Folks have gotten all "Helen Lovejoy" over the idea that children could be exposed to watching two men kiss, but no one has told me just what would happen that folks are so scared of.

And then others talk about the cake smashing. Again I say big deal. Don't folks do that at weddings? And what's a wedding without a child as a flower girl or a ring bearer? And I'm not even going to talk about the garter toss.

 It just amazes me how some folks are still up in arms about this in defense of protecting the innocence of children when in all likelihood, the children they are claiming to protect have probably already forgotten about the kiss.

If I was snarky, I would say that those who continue to raise hell over Michael Sam's kiss are simply jealous that they have never received a kiss like that.

But to answer the question of one of the women, no we cannot just accept one person's opinion and leave it alone because we all have opinions. And being called to defend your opinion is just the price you pay for having one.


MK said...

So true. Love the "Helen Lovejoy" comment in this post. Have you seen the Heck Bender video about this?

Lori Makes Quilts said...

Children are watching, oh noes!!

Okay, so what. Haven't your children seen you kiss your spouse? Haven't they seen two people dating kiss? What's so horrible about a kiss? How is an expression of affection destroying their innocence?

Their argument just doesn't follow. There's no there there.

And speaking of being there, who actually watches the draft? I haven't, but I have watched the NHL draft. OMG, the most boring event ever. There's a reason there's a zillion empty seats there -- no one wants to be there, not even the participants. The notion that a kid is avidly watching the draft right down to the 200 and how ever many pick is preposterous. They might be in the room while dad snores on the couch and monopolizes the TV because he's "watching" the draft but asserting any more than that is tantamount to lying.