Tuesday, May 13, 2014

'See what Mike Huckabee wants lgbts to 'tolerate'' & other Tuesday midday news briefs

Mike Huckabee's Dangerous Campaign To Smear Houston's Non-Discrimination Ordinance - This crap that he is pulling in Houston is what Mike Huckabee gets angry at lgbts for "not tolerating." 

Barber: NHCLC Setting Up A 'Firewall' To Fight Back America's 'Cancerous Invasion Of Immorality' - When I read Matt Barber bragging how anti-gay groups are attempting to infect Latin America with their lies, I'm reminded of those nature documentaries in which hyenas, when faced with a strong animal, moves on to attack a weaker animal. 

 NOM's Brian Brown no longer pretending he's talking about *civil* marriage - While a Virginia court decides marriage equality in the state, the National Organization for Marriage is rallying supporters at the vicinity. Just think, if the organization has a plausible argument in the courts, that rallying wouldn't be necessary.  

Torment to Tyranny: Persecution in Uganda Now That the Anti-Homosexuality Act Is Law - Spoiler: anti-gay persecution is up thanks to that awful law.  

Anti-Gay Leader Describes Michael Sam Kiss As ‘Graphic Political Statement’ - It was just a kiss. Get over it. Damn!

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