Friday, June 13, 2014

'First lgbts were 'Nazis,' now we are 'demonic'" & other Friday midday news briefs

BarbWire's Gina Miller Says The Push For Gay Rights Is Repulsive, 'Demonic,' And 'Born Of Hell' - Earlier this week, the anti-gay folks were labeling us as Nazis. Now we are "demonic." People get so angry when anti-gay talking heads say stuff like this. I think those who do aren't aware of their uses. I would love to see the writers and editors of the right-wing BarbWire testifying in front of a Congressional hearing. If anything, it would be a paaaarty! 

New Bill Calls For Creation Of First U.S. Special Envoy For LGBT Rights - I'm all for it. 

 LGBT activist wins Nevada house nomination - Sweet! If she wins the election, she would be Nevada's first transgender elected official. And she is Republican too. Not the scary kind. 

 US embassy in Tel Aviv faces internet backlash for raising pride flag - The brave generally face criticism from the ignorant.  

Hallmark Releases Gay Father's Day ECard - Not bad, not bad at all!

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