Friday, June 20, 2014

'Flop marches, rude signs, & adult diapers? What a week in GAY AMERICA!'

And just think. The head of Sprigg's group, Tony Perkins, recently claimed that THEY are in danger of being victimized and persecuted by lgbts.

Photos: Animus at #March4Marriage - Now the folks at NOM's flop march yesterday claimed that they don't hate gays. So the explanation here has to be someone obviously hypnotized them and put these signs in their hands.  

Inside NOM’s Second Failed “March For Marriage” - And it gets funnier . . . or scarier . . .  

Crucifixes, Gorillas, and Adult Diapers: My March Against Gay Marriage - Let me do one more about the march. A Daily Beast attended and let participants speak for themselves about why they were there. Mercy, it was good!  

Nation’s Largest Presbyterian Denomination Embraces Same-Sex Marriage - EXCELLENT! 

 Obama To Extend Family Leave Rights Of Married Same-Sex Couples - Even better! But always more work needing to be done to protect our families.

 12 Kick-Ass Gay Women In Comics And Graphic Novels - And now for some mindless frivolity because I like comic books and graphic novels and I've been too serious this week.

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