Friday, June 20, 2014

NOM's 'March 4 Marriage' a big fat HONKING flop

After MONTHS of hype, planning, and preparation, the National Organization for Marriage held its March 4 Marriage rally in Washington.

And it was a big fat HONKING failure.  Generous estimates put the crowd at 2,000 attendees, but other sources have said that it was barely 1,5000. Many sources said that many in the crowd were bussed in from New York via the help of state senator Ruben Diaz, Sr. who advertised a "free sight seeing" trip to DC. Diaz received criticism for not telling potentially interested parties that they would also be attending an anti-gay rally.

This sentence from a sponsor of the march, the Family Research Council, says it all:

More than 150 buses, filled with the marriage supporters the media insists do not exist, cheered through the passionate speeches of Republicans and Democrats, blacks and Hispanics, and the young and old -- all united in the belief that marriage is “our very nature. 

When a march sponsor brags about the number of buses rather than the number of attendees on the buses, you know there was a problem.

NOM meant to show via the march that there was large number of Americans still wanting to fight for what they call the "traditional definition of marriage." However, it seems that their march showed the opposite.

But don't just take my word for it.  Check out the video from a NOM ally, the Catholic News Service. Even they can't put enough icing on this mess to make it palpable:

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